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What Makes Gar-Box™ Unique?

Gar-Box™ founder Tom Daugherty is a cigar aficionado and a lover of life who enjoys the finer things it has to offer.

A man always on the go, he loves all things outdoors and likes to take the party with him wherever he travels, be that recreational activities like hunting, fishing or snowmobiling; going to his weekly poker game; or traveling to his favorite sporting events.

Tom's also a problem solver, constantly looking for ways to improve his experiences. When a batch of good cigars was ruined in a supposedly "high-quality" travel humidor, he vowed to never let it happen again.

Thus the Gar-Box™, a sturdy, stylish, portable humidor was born.

All Gar-Box™ humidors are handmade from certified U.S. military reclaimed steel ammunition boxes; lined with 1/4” Spanish Cedar to help maintain a stable climate, prevent mold, and positively influence taste and aging; battlefield tested, waterproof, and nearly indestructible; with an airtight gasket and premium DryMistat® humidification device to maintain a perfect moisture level at all times and prevent cigars from drying out; and a removable lid for easy access.

The Gar-Box™ Private is made from a 30-caliber ammo box, measures 11"L x 4"W x 7"H, and holds 20-25 cigars. The Gar-Box™ Sergeant is made from a 50-caliber ammo box, measures 12"L x 6"W x 7"H, adds a high-quality brass hygrometer, and holds up to 50 cigars. The Gar-Box™ Captain boasts the same specifications as the Sergeant but adds a shelf for lighters, cutter, and other tools.

All Gar-Box™ models can be personalized with in-house custom laser engraving.

There are many full-featured home humidors on the market that serve their purpose, but most are fragile and not designed to be moved from a static indoor environment; accidentally knock one onto the floor and it may be ruined.

Likewise, there are many travel humidors built for rugged conditions that will keep cigars safe, but many are plastic, tacky, and sacrifice features like a humidifier or hygrometer to achieve portability and durability.

Gar-Box™ humidors, on the other hand, are equally at home on the mantle in the swankiest estate, at the poker table in the rec room, or in the boat or tree stand while fishing or hunting. They are classy enough to be displayed anywhere, yet rugged enough to be thrown in the truck for the trip up to the lake or cottage.

Gar-Box™ humidors sacrifice nothing to bring the customer full-featured class and functionality with unmatched durability.